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Using the Amazon Web Services SDK For .NET

The richest set of cloud computing services comes from a little e-commerce company known as Amazon.com. Developers can access the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform using numerous tools including the .NET platform. Amazon.com is a major player in the cloud computing space and has numerous services available to developers. In late 2009, Amazon released the AWS SDK for .NET. This article will demonstrate using the AWS SDK to create a custom backup service using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

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Post Mortem: Building a Call Center Scripting Engine

One of the major components of any call center is the creation of call-center scripts. Whenever you call a company to place an order or apply for a credit card, your interaction with that company is controlled by scripts read by call-center employees. This is where our story begins.

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Programming Twitter with Visual Basic

Social networking has reached critical mass. One unique social networking platform, Twitter, launched in March of 2006 and took the world by storm with its social networking and microblogging platform. The developers of Twitter had the forethought to provide a REST -based API. Numerous developers have used the REST-based API to build Twitter clients on dozens of different platforms. In this article I’ll demonstrate how to access Twitter using the .NET platform.

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